January 13, 2009

Interview with Yu Lei: Beijing develops mass transit to keep up with world trends

Washington, January 13 – interview: Beijing develops the mass transit to be in keeping with the trends in the world vigorously – to visit Beijing Jiaotong University Yangtze River scholar award scheme professor in the thunder

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Ren Haijun

Because the Chinese Beijing and the Turkish Istanbul and so on 4 cities in the improvement mass transit aspect’s endeavor, attain the American Transportation Research Council on 13th in 2009 the sustainable transportation honorary award. Participated in American Transportation Research Council annual meeting’s Beijing Jiaotong University Yangtze River scholar award scheme professor Yu Lei to say during the interview that developed the mass transit is vigorously ultimately, Beijing developed the mass transit to be in keeping with the trends in the world.

At that evening’s award ceremony, related Istanbul BRT (fast public transportation) a system’s picture makes one shock specially. The picture demonstrated that on the fast public transportation special-purpose road, two fast public transportation is going, but both sides the special-purpose road, the nearly thousand private cars form the long line. This picture has caused conference representative cheering.

Yu Lei said that this picture is Istanbul urban road management idea portrayal. The urban road resources’ assignment should take “the human” as a book, i.e. the urban road resources should defer to the vehicles to deliver “the human” to assign, but should not be defers to “the vehicle” to assign. One kind of vehicles deliver the human are more, then it should enjoy the more path resources.

He said that the fast public transportation traffic lane opens access, the ordinary traffic lane is packed like sardines, this is unfair to the vehicles, but to the human is actually fair. Opens the private car or turns out while the hiring about to obtains is comfortable and is free, actually possibly faces supports stops up; Chooses the fast public transportation, rides in a carriage the environment not that comfortably, actually may obtain quickly. Under the person multi-channel few conditions, the fast public transportation system use little partial path resources may safeguard the majority of crowd’s in city flowing. For example, Istanbul’s fast public transportation system ships every day the passenger capacity achieves 450,000 people.

After Leizeng participated in a Beijing fast public transportation line (front door reaching the highest point of virtuous activity luxuriant village) completes the transportation simulation test. He said that the fast public transportation system improved the traffic condition greatly along the route, has facilitated the resident journey. It is reported that Beijing cleared two new fast public transportation special lines last year, Chinese many cities already had also cleared or the plan clear fast public transportation special line.

Yu Lei said that Beijing’s automobile inventory is not specially many, still frequently presented the reason which supports stops up to lie in the private car journey rate to be too high, after having the vehicle, some vehicle owner short distance also drives. Beijing Municipal government adopted last year limits good, the newly opened subway line, to implement subway and measures and so on public transportation low ticket price, was to encourage the resident to choose the public transport means journey. These measures had the good effect, also won an award for Beijing has increased the weights.

Yu Lei said that Beijing present is proving in 34 link establishment public transportation private line’s feasibility, jinhou ji nian will also clear many subways, these measures indicated that Beijing will develop the mass transit vigorously, this idea is in keeping with the trends in the world.


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