Design recommendation: BRT Station Masjid Al Makmur

Banda Aceh urban form is dominated by residential land use with a dominant urban center containing much of the commercial land uses of the city. There is evidence of limited ribbon development along key arterials but this is not as dominant as in other cities in Indonesia (eg Palembang). The southern areas of the city are attracting increasing commercial and services sector developments in accordance with the city master plan. Coupled with this, the extension of the urban footprint in the south is anticipated to continue.

From a mass transport planning perspective, this will develop the future demand required for an extension of the BRT network south in the future. It augurs well for viable mass transit corridors to be developed as the demand grows and the business case for such investments increases.

In February 2016 CDIA received a request for support from Banda Aceh’s Mayor to assist the city in refining and enhancing the original PFS developed originally by the Banda Aceh Transportation Team utilizing the information provided in the PFS as well as data gathered from the O-D survey (which remains in raw data form). ITDP Indonesia is joining CDIA in the Transportation team to help Banda Aceh improve its transit networks.


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