LinkBike bikeshare station on Beach Street.

While the city does have a quality bus transit system, Rapid Penang, the lack of “last mile” connections and poor walking and cycling environment prevents it from replacing car trips.  Fortunately, the Penang state and city governments are eager for change and have been working with the Asian Development Bank and ITDP Indonesia, as well as together with local communities and organizations, to tackle mobility problems in the city, increase tourism, and improve its residents’ quality of life.

Over the last few years, the collaboration between local communities, residents and the Government has resulted in the George Town Special Area Master Plan. This plan includes pedestrian improvements, such as ensuring that sidewalks are connected and continuous, separated from cars, and five-feet wide. The bike-share program, LinkBike, launched in 2016, is being expanded to better serve residents and tourists, with a higher density of stations in high-traffic locations all over the city.


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