Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, is the largest city on the largest island, Java, and has a population of over 10 million people has Transjakarta, the longest BRT in the world – spanning nearly 244 km. It was the first BRT in South East Asia with the first BRT in Asia was built in 2001 in Nagoya, Japan. Transjakarta’s popularity has helped transform Jakarta into a less car reliant city. And in January 2020, Transjakarta made Jakarta public transportation history by serving over 1 million passengers on Tuesday, up from 987,583 in the previous week. The bus operator has made great strides over the past few years with the number of Transjakarta passengers increasing to 264.61 million from 188.98 million in 2019.

The development of public transport infrastructure that is happening in Jakarta requires integration to make it easier for passengers to move seamlessly between modes. Therefore, it is important to apply the principle of integration design to prevent bad connectivity between models. 


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