March 07, 2009

New Delhi to Cycle its Way to a Green Environment

New Delhi (Xinhua):Promoting bicycle as a green and healthy mode of transport, leaving their cars behind, New Delhi residents will, for the fourth consecutive year, be all set on a Heritage Cycling Ride on Sunday morning.

The event, sponsored by Delhi Cycling Club, was started in October 2006 by Institution for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), an NGO, engaged in research and advocacy for green, sustainable, and equitable traffic and transportation policies and programmes.

According to ITDP website, membership of the club is free and open to all the cycling enthusiasts concerned about road safety, environment, climate change, and health and fitness.

To spread the message, the Delhi Cycling Club has formed a google group, says Rajendra, event coordinator for Delhi Cycling Club.

During the 10-kilometre ride, cyclists will stop at several historic monuments. This will help people learn about the heritage and historical monuments of Delhi in an interesting, educative and enjoyable way, the google group information about the club says.

On the google group, members logged discuss various issues ranging from buying bicycle gear to cycling interests and treks.

Nalin Sinha, Programme Director of ITDP India and Member-Delhi Cycling Club said that the uniqueness of the Heritage Bicycle Ride is that it provides people an opportunity to leave their cars behind for a day and explore the heritage monuments and history of city on a leisure cycling tour with a group of environmentally and socially conscious people and also experience an exciting and rejuvenating outdoor activity.

“Cycling is a great way to start your day. Not only is it a healthy exercise, but also helps reduce pollution. If people leave their cars behind for one day, and travel on bicycles, pollution levels will go down considerably in just a day. Thanks to initiatives like these, environment still is safe”, said Delhi resident Soki.

The Indian capital is also considered one of the greenest ones in the world with a lot of parks, tree-lined boulevards, meadows and small forests.


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