July 28, 2009

Walter Hook’s Letter to the Editor in Washington Post

Rapid Bus Transit for D.C.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It was gratifying to read the July 19 editorial “Get on the Bus.” Washington, like many U.S. cities, can’t afford to solve its congestion problems by building more roads and expanding Metro. The only alternative is to coax commuters from their cars by dramatically improving bus service.
Increasingly, U.S. cities are learning from the best Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in the world, such as those in Bogota, Colombia, and Curitiba, Brazil. Features like prepaid boarding are used in New York, and enclosed stations and fully protected bus lanes have been built in Los Angeles and Cleveland.

BRT is flexible enough to operate on local streets and exclusive busways without forcing riders to transfer. True BRT systems offer a different experience than a normal bus and travel at higher speeds, providing the comfort and convenience of subways at a fraction of the cost. The BRT system under consideration could make Washington a model for the nation. New York, Boston, San Francisco and other cities are implementing BRT lines. It’s time our nation’s capital did the same.

Executive Director
Institute for Transportation
and Development Policy
New York

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Rapid Bus Transit for D.C.


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