August 05, 2009

Tour de Busway

Transjakarta is going to continue playing an important role in helping increase mobility, reduce congestion and improve the quality of life; therefore people need to better understand the benefits of it at first. In relation to make people understanding, an interactive and educating campaign will ease to attract public. One of campaign tools which will be very interesting for Jakarta citizen is Jakarta Greenmap which was launched on 15 March 2009. The map basically presents green sites in Jakarta which can be accessed by sustainable transportation such as busway, train, bicycle or walk.

ITDP Indonesia held campaign which is called “Tour de Busway” together with Jakarta Greenmap, Suara Transjakarta and other communities to promote using Transjakarta as their means of transportation.

26 April 2009Tour de Busway with Greenradio’s listenersParticipants: 113 persons

Participants visited the following Jakarta green sites by taking Transjakarta bus:

  • Green Radio, Utan Kayu: the first solar powered radio station in Indonesia
  • Green House, Tangkuban Perahu: a environmental friendly house which accepted IAI award 2005.
  • Green Kampung, Benhil: a kampung that makes and sells traditional, natural medicine (Jamu) and bir pletok. 
23 May 2009Tour de Busway with Folding Bike CommunitiesParticipants: 46 personsParticipants visited the following Jakarta green sites by taking Transjakarta bus integrated with folding bicycles: 

  • fX Lifestyle X’nter as meeting point. fX Lifestyle X’nter is a commercial building who commits to provide their VIP Parking Lot for bicycles.
  • Menteng Pulo graveyard. It is a famous cemetry which was found in 1947 by Dutch army, Let.Jend S.H Spoor. That 29.000 meter square cemetary is where Indonesian, Dutch and England armies were buried.
21 June 2009 Tour de Busway in conjuction with Situ MapParticipants: 100 persons

Participants visited the following Jakarta green sites by taking Transjakarta:

  • Jalan Veteran as meeting point. Veteran is wellknown as a place of remained old buildings, for example there is where the oldest ice cream parlor in the country, Ragusa, located.
  • Srengseng city forest is a type of water conservation, covering 15 ha and is located in western part of Jakarta.
27 June 2009 Tour de Busway with Tintin CommunityParticipants: 63 persons

Participants visited the following Jakarta green sites by taking Transjakarta:

  • Krida Loka, a city forest which is located in Senayan.
  • Fatahillah Museum (Jakarta Historical Museum), an old City Hall of Batavia that was built in 1710.

The most interesting part of this tour was “Jam comic strip”. There were 5 flip charts that were divided into 6 strips each. Participants were asked to retell the tour that they had since the morning into a comic strip, one person have only had to draw in one strip then continued with other persons so that all strips will become a story.

28 June 2009 Tour de Busway with Cita Cinta Magazine readersParticipants: 68 persons

Participants visited the following Jakarta green sites by taking Transjakarta:.

  • Jakarta Historical Museum in the historic center of Fatahillah square where memorabilia depicting the historical development of the city in the18th century are placed.
  • Puppet Museum still in Fatahillah square. It was originally occupied by a Dutch old church (Oude Kerk) until a devastating earthquake in 1808 and now is known as museum of any kind of Indonesian traditional puppets.
  • Ceramic Museum that displays some ceramics from central industry in various territories in Indonesia as well, and some creative cotemporary ceramic from Indonesian ceramic artists.
  • Pasar Baru (Passer Baroe),a very famous during Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie (VOC) era.


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