January 22, 2010

Guangzhou BRT System Opening February 2010

The Guangzhou, China, bus rapid transit (BRT) system is slated to open in February 2010. The Guangzhou BRT system is perhaps the most well-known and high profile urban project in Guangzhou’s history, and has outstanding demonstration potential for other Chinese cities. It is the first truly high capacity, ‘metro-replacement’ BRT system in Asia, with projected passenger flows second only to TransMilenio.

Worldwide, the Guangzhou BRT includes the following notable features:

  • the first high capacity ‘flexible’ BRT system, in which BRT buses can enter and leave the BRT corridor
  • the first BRT system to include direct physical connections between BRT stations and metro stations
  • the world’s longest BRT stations, 60m longer than the biggest stations in TransMilenio
  • the world’s largest passenger boardings at regular BRT stations, with more than 4,000 boarding passengers per hour at several stations (projection) in 2010.

Stay tuned for details, photos and more here.


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