March 29, 2010

Buenos Aires Celebrates New Northern Bikeway

by Amalia Holub, ITDP Argentina

The Buenos Aires city government inaugurated its new bicycle route with much celebration. The Northern Bikeway connects Plaza Italia in the neighborhood of Palermo with the central Retiro transportation hub. A crowd of government representatives from various departments, ITDP and other non-profit organizations, and local bicycle advocates all gathered for the festivities. Mayor Mauricio Macri made a speech to encourage city residents to leave their cars at home and instead start using bicycles for short trips throughout the city.

The event included a presentation of people from all walks of life riding bicycles in order to demonstrate the use of bikes as an everyday mode of transportation. This included office commuters, students and people running errands. The Road Safety Department gave out 500 helmets to the attendees. Later, the mayor and other government officials led by example, taking a large group on a tour of the new route.

Media coverage (in Spanish):


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