March 31, 2010

Condro Kirono: “Discretion authority is not about letting other vehicles overtake the busway lane”

A safe, comfortable and reliable public transportation has been actually expected by all Jakarta’s people. Transjakarta as a breakthrough of Jakarta public transportion mode, which was established on 15 January 2004, has given the city’s new outlook, especially in facilitating mobility of the people.

ITDP Indonesia (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) as a non-profit organization has been partnering with Jakarta provincial government to improve Transjakarta Busway performance. On Wednesday, March 31, 2010 get the opportunity to meet with the Director of Jakarta Police Department, Condro Kirono and his staffs. At that time, ITDP team presented Bus Rapid Transit concept and the problems which are faced by Transjakarta nowadays, mainly related to its level of service.
Condro Kirono stated “Having an integrated transportation system in Jakarta is expected by all elements. Transjakarta Busway has been a breakthrough which needs to be well-maintained and improved.”

Concerning Transjakarta’s services and according to news in media, a long waiting time is the most wanted problem to be solved soon. One cause of delay of the buses is overtaken lane by non-Transjakarta buses. ITDP mentioned that there are 3 needed things to solve the problem which are law enforcement, infrastructure improvements and public education. As part of law enforcement, Jakarta Police Department has fined 17,600 violations in Transjakarta lane cases.

Furthermore Condro Kirono emphasized “Discretion role is not about letting other vehicles overtook the busway lane due to severe traffic congestion. Discretion can only be done when there is force majeur, such as floods. ”

In conclusion, ITDP Indonesia and Jakarta Police Department agreed to develop socialization program in order to warn people not to overtake the busway lane. As the first stage, the program will be focused on one corridor only. Furthermore, the program will involve all related stakeholders such as provincial Jakarta Transportation Agency, BLU Transjakarta, Satpol PP and user community. (Ry)


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