March 10, 2010

ITDP Executive Director Walter Hook on Las Vegas BRT

Walter Hook, Executive Director of the Insitute for Transportation and Development Policy, was interviewed for an article on a new bus rapid transit system opening in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Where the Rubber Meets the Road,” compares bus rapid transit to light rail and examines the benefits bus rapid transit will bring to the city of Las Vegas.

“In cities such as Curitiba, Brazil (the Ground Zero of large-scale BRT) and Bogotá, Colombia, BRT systems can really haul. In Bogotá, where buses have the ability to pass one another in the system, the average speed can top 30 mph. An optimally designed BRT will probably [be] very competitive with what you can achieve with light-rail or tram-based technologies, and it will have lower infrastructure and capital costs, and comparable operating costs,” says Hook.

Read the full article in Vegas Seven here.


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