July 15, 2010

YLKI: Subsidy for Transjakarta Morning Tariff is Miss-targeted

Jakarta/15/07/10: The Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI) held a press conference on Transjakarta’s tariff and customer satisfaction based on survey that they implemented in March 2010. The survey result of the 3000 respondents who are Transjakarta users in all corridors showed followings:


1. In general, transjakarta users of the economy tariff (Rp2000,-) are those who have monthly income (Rp2.650.000,) which is above the DKI Jakarta’s minimum wages (Rp 1.180.000,-)

2. Transjakarta users’ ability to pay is above Rp 2.000, – and their willingness to pay level is Rp4.800,-.

3. Differences in rate of Rp 2.000, – and Rp 3.500, – did not affect significantly the prospective user a choice of travel time Transjakarta.

Therefore, subsidy for the Rp 2000, – tariff is missed targeted. While for the plan to increase the regular price (Rp3.500,-) into Rp5.000,- cannot be adopted this year since Transjakarta has not implemented yet their Minimum Services Standard.

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