September 17, 2010

TDM training course in Mexico City October 7-8 2010 taught by ITDP founder Michael Replogle

Vice-Director, Global Policy and ITDP Founder Michael Replogle will be co-teaching a Travel Demand Management course organized by CTS, GTZ SUTP, and CAI-LAC in Mexico City.

Please see below for course descriptions and registration information.


A training course on Travel Demand Management (TDM) in English and
Spanish languages (with simultaneous translation) will be held in Mexico
City from 7-8 October, 2010. Organized jointly by GTZ SUTP, CTS Mexico
and CAI LAC, and supported by ITDP, this course will describe principles
of TDM, strategies of demand management and will include activities with
participants on hypothetical situations for their cities. Topics will
include methodologies to implement congestion charging, fuel policies,
pricing schemes and parking management, “push and pull” policies, among

Course descriptions including program and registration details



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