May 05, 2011

19 Vehicles Failed in Emmision Test

To reduce the pollution and air contamination, about 115 four-wheeled vehicles, official car or North Jakarta Municipality employee car had an emission test on North Jakarta Youth Stadium field, Thursday (5/5). The test was applied since 8 am – 3 pm. As a result, 19 of 115 vehicles did not pass the emission test. While 96 vehicles had passed the test.

The Environment and Pollution Control Staff, North Jakarta Life Environment Office (KLH), Jumontang Manurung stated that the emission test is based on regulation No 2/2005 about Air Pollution Controlling and Governor`s Regulation No 92/2007 about Emission Test and Vehicle Treatment. It is aimed to increase the air quality in Jakarta and reduce the global warming. "It is targeted to reach 300 cars. Most of the vehicles are not apply the emission test due to the heavy rain," said Jumontang, Thursday (5/5).

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