May 26, 2011

Recapturing Global Leadership in Bus Rapid Transit: A Survey of Select U.S. Cities

The transportation system in the United States has often been dominated by a particular mode. A century ago it was rail; in the last several decades it  has been the automobile. Over time we have come to learn that while various modes have a tremendous impact on the shape of our communities, the movement of goods, and the health of our environment, each also serves different needs. One approach does not fit all.

This report takes a close look at the value of bus rapid tansit, highlighting best practices from systems in the United States as well as abroad. BRT projects can be put in place quickly, provide a high level of flexibility, and integrate well with other transportation modes, from subways to cycling and walking, while fitting today’s often contrained budgets.

This report outlines what it would take to build high-quality, or “gold-standard,” BRT in the United States. If American communities are to become more livable, we need all transportation options on the table for consideration. Now more than ever it is important to find creative solutions to provide affordable transportation options that meet the needs of our communities and residents and keep our economy moving forward.

– Except from the Forward, by Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Third Congressional District, Oregon



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