June 27, 2011

Stop Importing Vehicles to Reduce Traffic Jam, Central Government

Jakarta Capital City Government’s policy to develop a public transportation through Transjakarta buses is quite an appropriate step to reduce the traffic congestion. Unfortunately, it is not supported by the central government which should stop the import of cars and motorcycles due to rapid increase in motor vehicles numbers that make it hard to overcome traffic congestion.

Railways Certification Department chief, M Sardjoko Hendrowijono admitted that Transjakarta bus had helped to overcome traffic congestion in Jakarta since it first operated in 2004. But if it is not counterbalanced by stopping the imports of both two wheels and four wheels vehicles, congestion will still continue to happen.

Read more: http://www.beritajakarta.com/2008/en/newsview.aspx?idwil=0&id=19438


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