September 27, 2011

3 TransJakarta Bus Feeder Routes Operate Tomorrow

Jakarta Provincial Government commitment to continuously improve mass transportation system through TransJakarta bus service is proven. Not only add bus fleets to serve residents, the city government will also operate three TransJakarta bus feeder routes which integrated with other corridors. It is planned that Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo will inaugurate it at 1 PM at West Jakarta Mayor office in Kembangan tomorrow (9/28).

The three routes of TransJakarta bus feeder are route I (Sentra Primer–Daan Mogot), route II (Tanah Abang–City Hall), and Route III (SCBD–Senayan). The total of fleet to serve passengers are 15 fleets where 6 fleets operated for route I, 4 fleets for route II, and 5 fleets for route III.

Regarding the ticket price, the ticketing system is integrated with TransJakarta bus ticket. It costs Rp 6,500 per passenger with details Rp 3,500 for TransJakarta bus ticket and Rp 3,000 for TransJakarta bus feeder ticket.

Hari Ini Tiga "Feeder" Transjakarta Beroperasi

Tiga Feeder Mulai Beroperasi

Tiket Feeder TransJakarta Dipatok Rp6.500
Sistem tiket terintegrasi dengan tiket bus Transjakarta.

Tiket Bus Feeder Busway Rp 3.000

19 Halte Untuk Tiga Rute Feeder Busway

Besok Gubernur DKI Resmikan Enam Feeder Busway

Mulai Besok, Feeder Busway Siap Beroperasi

Bus Pengumpan Beroperasi Hari Ini

Inilah Rute Tiga Jalur Bus Feeder TransJakarta,20110928-358668,id.html

Hari Ini, DKI Luncurkan Tiga Feeder Transjakarta,20110928-358667,id.html

Transjakarta feeder service begins today

Integrated System, Transjakarta and Its Feeder Bus

More Transjakarta feeder routes to be added

"Feeder Busway" Disarankan Tambah Rute

Feeder Busway Ditambah

Asyiik, armada Transjakarta ditambah lagi

Feeder Busway Dinilai tidak Efektif

Tiga Rute Feeder Busway Dioperasikan

Sopir Feeder Busway Digaji Rp 2 Juta Per Bulan

Foke Resmikan Feeder Busway Koridor 1-3

Pemprov Diminta Membuat Standar Pelayanan Minimum

Bus Pengumpan Sepi Penumpang,20110928-358797,id.html

Hari Ini, DKI Luncurkan Tiga Feeder Transjakarta,20110928-358667,id.html

Transjakarta busway to use pre-paid cards next year

Feeder Busway Sepi Peminat

Passenger of TranJakarta Feeder Bus Still Low


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