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September 12, 2011

A Student Injured After Hit by Transjakarta Bus

Allegedly remiss while crossing, Zaki (10), a student of 3th grade at Elementary School (SD) Muhammadiyah Tanjunglekong suffered injuries after hit by Transjakarta bus for corridor V (Kampungmelayu-Kampungrambutan) on Jl Otista Raya Bidaracina, Jatinegara on Monday (9/12). By resident, a boy who lived in Bidaracina RT 07/12 brought to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) to get treatment. Furthermore, Transjakata bus’ driver who known named Hendro Nababan (29) and also its fleet directly seized by officer of East Jakarta Accident Unit of Traffic.

Based on the information gathered, at that time the boy was crossing without using pedestrian bridge (JPO). While on the sidewalk of Transjakarta bus’ corridor, he had hurried and directly across without regard to the traffic flow condition around. In fact, Transjakarta bus with license number JMT 040 was speeding from Kampungmelayu towards Cawang at the same time. Suddenly, he was hit and had also bounced.


Menyeberang, Bocah Diserempet Bus Trans

Bus Transjakarta 'Seruduk' Bocah di Otista
Jacky tertabrak saat akan menyebrang jalan, setelah turun dari angkutan umum.

Bocah SD Anak Pemulung Diseruduk Busway


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