September 12, 2011

New Kopaja Air-Con Buses Taken Off the Road

Just a month after new air-conditioned Kopaja buses rolled out into the traffic-jammed streets of Jakarta, the swanky service was halted by the company.

It would resume, officials said, as soon as the request to triple the fare was approved. “It was just a monthlong tryout,” Jakarta Transportation Cooperative (Kopaja) chairman Nanang Basuki said on Sunday. “We wanted to see how it was going to work out, from the drivers, the buses and the fare.  “We found that most parts worked out well, except for the fare,” he added.


Kopaja AC Sementara Istirahat

Dinas Perhubungan Minta Kopaja AC Beroperasi jika tidak…

Tunggu Tarif Naik, Kopaja AC Berhenti Seminggu

Pemprov DKI belum Matang soal Pengoperasian Kopaja AC

Kopaja Ber-AC Diminta Beroperasi Kembali,20110912-355666,id.html

Warga Berharap Kopaja AC Beroperasi

Besaran tarif Kopaja AC akan disurvei

Tidak Didukung DKI, Kopaja AC Bangkrut–kopaja-ac-bangkrut

Minimal Tarif Kopaja AC Rp6 Ribu

Pasti tidaknya Tarif Kopaja AC Naik Pekan Ini

Kopaja AC S-13 Beroperasi Hari Ini

Kopaja Diperingatkan Soal Tarif S-13,20110913-355889,id.htm

Tarif Kopaja AC Masih Rp 2.000,20110912-355812,id.html

"Tarif Kopaja AC Seharusnya Rp 6.000-7.000",20110912-355778,id.html

Tarif Ideal Kopaja AC Rp3.500

Tarif Kopaja AC Naik Oktober 2011

Kopaja AC Sudah Naikkan Tarif


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