September 22, 2011

The Bitter Truth: How Much Jakarta Has Changed

A decade ago, people didn’t go to the coffee shop the way they do now. People, including me, were still not familiar with names like “latte” or “espresso.” Most people would usually go for cappuccino, since it had been heavily mentioned in books or movies.

But things have changed now, as new coffee shops, each with a different concept, seem to emerge almost every day. It’s not difficult to find a good coffee shop in the capital now, where you can just lay back on a comfortable chair while reading a good book.

Beer wasn’t really a favorite among young people, as far as I can remember. People still could get a nice, cold beer when they went to a nightclub, but finding a great beer house was out of the question. But look at us now — the phrase “Let’s hang out at a beer house” has become a catchy, and normal, invitation to others.


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