October 23, 2011

500 Passengers Carried by TransJakarta Feeder Buses

Since launched on September 28 ago, the presence of Transjakarta feeder bus is used by many people due to this service can able to ease resident access in settlement to use Transjakarta bus. In a day, the number of passenger reaches 500 people.

Udar Pristono as Head of Jakarta Transportation Department said that the number of Transjakarta feeder bus passenger continuously increases slowly. Therefore, his party is optimistic the number of passenger will increase sharply in several months ahead. It is because feeder bus is also integrated with Transjakarta bus in five corridors.

In a day, the sale of feeder bus ticket can achieve 500 tickets. In details, route 1 (271 tickets) , route 2 (167 tickets), and route 3 (119 tickets). “Totally, 557 tickets were sold on Thursday yesterday (10/20),” he expressed, Sunday (10/23).



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