November 01, 2011

A Pedestrian Hit by TransJakarta Bus

Lack of discipline of residents while crossing street could end up fatal. As happened by Riyan (16), resident of Tanjung Lengkong alley, RT 15/06, Bidaracina, Jatinegara, East Jakarta. Due to not crossing on pedestrian bridge (JPO), he was hit by TransJakarta bus which passed on Jl. Otto Iskandardinata near Tanjung Lengkong bus stop, Jatinegara, Tuesday (11/1). As a result, he suffered bruise on his chest and abrasions on his arm and back. This case is now handled by Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya.

Teen hit by Transjakarta bus in E. Jakarta

A Man Grazed by Transjakarta Bus

Tabrak Warga, Bus Trans Dirusak

Kecelakaan di Busway Meningkat

Bus Transjakarta Tabrak Lari Pejalan Kaki,20111102-364497,id.html

Kaki Pejalan Kaki yang Terserempet TransJ di Jatinegara Patah

Bus TransJ Serempet Pejalan Kaki di Jatinegara

Bus TransJ Tabrak Taksi di Blok M, Lalin Tersendat


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