February 09, 2012

Moving Forward with Transjakarta BUMD

Jakarta City Government is moving forward with its plan to transform Transjakarta institution to become BUMD (City Owned Enterprise), which will enable Transjakarta to be managed professionally. This move is considered significant to improve Transjakarta service, which currently suffers overcrowding and long waiting time. The regulation to establish Transjakarta BUMD is currently under consultation between the city government and the City Council, and is expected to be passed in late March.

After submitting the proposal to the city council, the governor as quoted by Kompas.com (12/1/12) says the main purpose of this regulation is to ensure Transjakarta deliver service that meets with standard quality service.  Although reception from council members vary, many hopes that the new organization for Transjakarta could bring Transjakarta as a world-class BRT system.


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