May 02, 2012

BRT Systems Getting an International Rating Standard

Now it can be told:  there are objective standards for measuring how good your Bus Rapid Transit system is.  The Institute for Transportation Development Policy has issued new scoring system to see how good BRT systems around the world are.

Among the criteria for making a good BRT — off board payment, segregated bus lanes, level boarding, and good integration with biknig and walking.

The BRT Standard

The scorecard will rank BRT corridors as Gold, Silver or Bronze Standard — apparently every BRT deserves a medal. A BRT Standard committee will confer the rankings on bus systems akin to the Green Building Council bestowing different LEED level certifications.

2012 is a pilot year to test the scorecard.

Last year ITDP did a more informal ranking of systems worldwide. Bogota’s got a 93.  New York, the lowest rated system, got a 35.

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