November 18, 2015

Best Practice in National Support for Urban Transportation: Part 2

Part 2: Growing Rapid Transit Infrastructure —Funding, Financing, and Capacity

Large cities of the world require strong coverage of rapid transit networks to ensure they remain competitive, and that local communities have a healthy environment, vibrant urban economy, and an equitable, high quality of life for all residents. Many cities—especially those with growing populations, incomes, and/or large infrastructure deficits—have not, however, built rapid transit at the scale and rate needed to meet mobility needs. This paper is Part 2 in a series of research papers that explores how countries can grow their rapid transit infrastructure. This Part focuses on the role that funding, financing, and capacity have played in delivering rapid transit infrastructure in nine countries.

Part 1, Evaluating Country Performance in Meeting the Transit Needs of Urban Populations, released in May 2014, drew upon a comprehensive global data set developed by ITDP of rapid transit infrastructure to create a comparative analysis of rapid transit infrastructure in nine countries that are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

Part 2, Growing Rapid Transit Infrastructure: Funding, Financing, and Capacity, analyzes how the funding practices, financing practices, and institutional capacity impact a country’s ability to deliver rapid transit effectively.


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