August 30, 2016

Site Visit Busway with Tije Community Junior

Tije Community Junior is a community for kids, formed by Transjakarta to introduce and raising awareness about  Transjakarta.

 In total, 45 kids (age 7-14) from Tije Community Junior participated Site Visit Busway held on August 27, 2016. Gathered on a sunny bright Saturday morning at Bundaran Senayan station, the group started the journey with Transjakarta regular bus. Along the way from Bundaran Senayan station to Monas station, Ria and Maulana told a story about BRT system and Transjakarta. With an activity book that filled with questions regarding the places they visited, the kids enthusiastically trying to answer all the questions with the help from group chaperones.

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Arrived at Monas station, the group excitedly took a walk to National Museum where they can explore and get knowledge about Indonesian history and culture. They followed the tour guide to explore 2-story building of National Museum that’s filled with heritage collection of Indonesia. The group then moved to Komplek Balaikota (city hall complex) to visit DKI Jakarta Governor’s office and Jakarta Smart City office.

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Again, with Transjakarta regular bus, the group heading to Balaikota station and then took a short walk to city hall while Ria explained about pedestrian and sidewalk along the way to city hall. The group was being welcomed by city hall tour guide (the city hall is open for public every weekend) that’s guided and introduced them to every rooms at city hall including the meeting room where all the kids can sit down and pretend to hold a meeting like a governor himself.

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The group then continued their journey to Jakarta Smart City, the office of DKI Jakarta’s application system that gives information to the public about Jakarta’s condition in any aspects. Jakarta Smart City team took the group to their Command Center, a room with giant screen that shows every single information (picture, video, statistic) about Jakarta. From this screen, the operator can monitor Jakarta’s condition, from its traffic to every area affected by flood or damaged road in Jakarta. It is also gathered complains from Jakarta citizen.

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After strolling around in city hall complex, the group had lunch at city hall’s park. Completed their lunch, the kids gathered to receive certificates as a reward for their participation in this event. Meanwhile, Jakarta’s double decker bus called Jakarta Explorer has been waiting to take the group back to the first stop which is Bundaran Senayan bus stop. In Jakarta Explorer, the tour guide explained about every landmarks and building the bus passed along the way. Arrived safely at Bundaran Senayan bus stop, Tije Community Junior saying goodbye to each other and promised to cherish all the memories they had. See you all again next time!

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