October 02, 2017

The Launching of TOD Standards Version 3.0 in Jakarta, Indonesia

(September 26, 2017) On Thursday 26th of September 2017, ITDP Indonesia officially launches the Bahasa Indonesia edition of the TOD Standards vers. 3.0 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The event was held at @america, a U.S Embassy’s American cultural space and center located in Sudirman, Jakarta. ITDP Indonesia invited Mr. Michael King and Ms. Elisa Sutanudjaja as guest speakers.

In this event, Mr. Michael King, as a principal transportation and urban planning expert from BuroHappold Engineering and one of The TOD Standard Technical Committee members, introduced the TOD Standards as a tool to help shape and assess urban development. The Standards have eight core principles, which include Walk, Cycle, Transit, Connect, Mix, Densify, Compact and Shift.  Each of the eight principles supported by specific performance objectives and can easily measure by indicators, or metrics. While Ms. Elisa Sutanudjaja, the Director of RUJAK (Ruang untuk Jakarta) Center for Urban Studies, provided an overview and examples of how the TOD Standards can be implemented in a local context so that it can solve problems that are unique to Jakarta

In this events, ITDP Indonesia formally introduced TOD Standards as an urban planning tool to the general public in Indonesia and hoped it would help government, developers, urban planners to create a city that accessible to people and connect them safely, affordably and properly to their jobs, opportunity, education and economic activities. The eight core principles of the TOD Standards are instruments to creating a compact, walkable, mixed-use communities centered around a high-quality mass transit system. ITDP Indonesia hoped that the application of The TOD Standards can raise the bar on infrastructure and public transportations developments and to be more inclusive, meaning it would proactively meet the needs of all citizens, regardless of age, physical ability, demographics, and incomes.  (Text: Karina Saraswati/ Pics: Rey Jakshia)


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