February 12, 2018

ITDP Indonesia at World Urban Forum 9

ITDP Indonesia was present at 9th World Urban Forum (WUF) in Kuala Lumpur and participated as panelist and speaker in few events. On 8th of February, Deliani Siregar, Urban Planning Associate, spoke at  WUF 9’s side event titled “How walkable is your city? New methods in measuring walkability at the city, neighborhood, and street level.” In this event, Deliani talks about the walkability of Jakarta and what ITDP Indonesia has done to improve it. ITDP Indonesia had worked with the city government since the beginning of 2017 to provide technical assistance to the city government on building walking infrastructures in this city. ITDP Indonesia will keep coordinating and working with the city official in the year of 2018 to increase the walkability of Jakarta and support the development of sustainable transport.

And on 12th February, in the training event titled, “Shaping Urban Mobility – An Integrated Approach by TUMI Initiatives”, ITDP Indonesia’s Deputy Country Director, Faela Sufa, appear as a speaker. She explained ITDP’s BRT Planning Guide and how BRT can shape urban mobility. Faela also spoke about Jakarta’s very own BRT System, The Transjakarta and the lesson learned in implementing it. In this event, she spoke on the Transjakarta BRT system performance, obstacles faced by Transjakarta and potential areas to be improved in the future



Click here to download ITDP Indonesia’s WUF presentations materials.


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