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March 29, 2018

[WEBINAR] Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities


About the Webinar

With the arrival of private dockless companies that claim to provide bikeshare profitably (that is, without subsidy), the potential of bikeshare as a viable and rapidly scalable transportation option is being realized in cities around the world and barriers to urban cycling are diminishing. However, unregulated dockless bikeshare systems have generated negative outcomes, like the oversupply of bikes, disorderly public spaces, and use of low-quality equipment. Now, cities must take an active role to minimize these challenges, and clearly define how this mode will integrate into their transportation networks and contribute to improved accessibility for residents and visitors. Tianjin, an early adopter of such municipal regulations, as well as other Chinese cities provide helpful case studies to evaluate lessons learned so far.

This webinar discusses policy options for dockless bikeshare regulation, and reviews the dockless bikeshare policies implemented in several Chinese cities and their effects.


Webinar Video

YouTube Link


Webinar Presentation Slides

Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities [pdf]


About the Presenters

Dana Yanocha Senior Research Associate, ITDP

Dana Yanocha’s work includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. Dana is passionate about identifying connections between the social, economic, and environmental spheres of sustainable development, with a particular interest in providing guidance to cities to strengthen transportation networks, leverage emerging technology and innovations, and improve overall accessibility. Prior to joining ITDP in 2017, Dana worked for the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development in Chicago, and for Resources for the Future, an environmental economics think tank in Washington, DC. She holds an MA in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University and a BA in International Politics from Penn State University.


Deng Han | Senior Transportation Engineer, ITDP China

Deng Han is a senior transportation engineer of ITDP China and a consultant of the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank who focuses on Street Design, Non-motorized Traffic and Bike Sharing. He has worked intensively on the sustainable transportation projects in Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Manila, Jakarta, Melaka, Peshawar, Guiyang, etc., and several research reports and planning guidelines, such as Access for All-Guidance Note on Inclusive Street Design for Asia and the Pacific and China NMT Bluepaper. He also engages in researches of Dockless Bike Sharing and Bicycle Superhighway, relevant research findings were published in ITDP official website, Chinadialogue, Financial Times, etc.


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