June 06, 2024

ITDP Indonesia Participates in the Emission-Free Indonesia Parade 2050, Promoting Sustainable Transport

ITDP Indonesia participated in the Emission-Free Indonesia Parade 2050, organized by the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) along with Clean Energy Generation on Saturday, June 2, 2024, from Kendal Tunnel to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. The parade aimed to raise awareness about the just energy transition, the climate crisis, and the progress of energy transitions in Indonesia. It also encouraged public involvement and the development of policy recommendations.

The Emission-Free Indonesia Parade 2050 was divided into four sectors: industry, waste management, power sector, and transportation. The parade featured participants from the general public, university students, and civil society organizations such as the Econusa Foundation, Gen-B Indonesia, Green Heroes, FTDJ, and Greenpeace Indonesia.

Representing the transportation sector, the ITDP Indonesia team highlighted their focus within the Emission-Free Indonesia 2050 parade through creative displays. Members of the ITDP Indonesia team brought attributes of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) wayfinding totems, cosplayed as commuters and cyclists. These representations reflected the parade’s themes of enhancing public transportation services, electrifying public transport, and ensuring adequate access and facilities for public transportation.

The Emission-Free Indonesia Parade 2050 for the power and transportation sectors was followed by a public hearing on ‘Policy Recommendations for Energy Transition in the Draft Bill for New and Renewable Energy and the Draft Government Regulation on National Energy Policy (Rekomendasi Kebijakan Transisi Energi dalam RUU EBET dan RPP Kebijakan Energi Nasional).’ IESR and Clean Energy Generation invited civil society organizations to participate in policy recommendation development and join the Emissions-Free Indonesia Coalition 2050. During the hearing, ITDP Indonesia emphasized the importance of cross-ministerial coordination in achieving Indonesia’s net-zero targets, particularly in aligning vehicle electrification goals.  

The policy recommendations of the Emissions-Free Indonesia Coalition 2050 can be accessed here.


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