Building a Regulatory and Financial Basis for Transjakarta First Phase E-bus Deployment

Mei, 2023

Addressing the challenges of regulatory precedent, higher up-front costs, and technological complexity that hindered investment opportunities, Transjakarta’s ambitious electrification goals required a robust solution. Supported by UK PACT, ITDP Indonesia conducted a comprehensive study focusing on scaling up the electrification by establishing enabling conditions for e-bus fleet implementation, especially during the initial electrification phase. This involved developing a robust regulatory framework and a final business case (FBC) to facilitate financing accessibility. 

As a result of this study, Transjakarta and the Government of Jakarta now possess alternative financing schemes, business models, and a strong regulatory framework to accelerate the acquisition of e-bus fleets. This paves the way towards achieving the target of 10,047 e-buses by 2030. Notably, the study also prioritized Gender Equality, and Social Inclusion (GESI) by integrating strategies to improve gender responsiveness and inclusion throughout the planning and implementation phases of the electrification efforts.

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