Support for E-mobility Transition in Jakarta

Juni, 2021

As the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta has introduced several steps providing initial actions for e-mobility deployment, including the introduction of the electric bus (e-bus). The initial implementation of e-bus in Jakarta will be provided by Transjakarta, the regional-owned company that operates the largest bus rapid transit (BRT) system globally. Transjakarta expects to have a pilot project of 100 e-buses in 2021 and later implement fully electric bus fleets in 2030, as stated in their long-term plan.

Although the deployment plan has existed and the pilot will be conducted in 2021, many aspects are still missing to give a step-by-step action plan to implement this procurement target. Therefore, this CTCN assistance has tried to fill Transjakarta’s electric bus target gap by providing the roadmap and timetable of e-bus deployment to smoothen its transition to the electrification program.


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