Supporting and Building Capacity in Monitoring and Evaluating Pilot E-Bus Implementations

Maret, 2023

In Indonesia, the transport sector contributed around 27% of national GHG emission in 2019, there is no time to delay taking actions to decarbonize motorized vehicles. As the first city in Indonesia piloting e-buses, Jakarta has started e-bus trials using different bus models since 2019, Transjakarta operated 2 e-buses without carrying any passengers as a trial. After this, the formal pilot was carried out in March 2022, equipped with 30 brand new BYD K9 e-buses running on routes 1P and 1N. However, facing the new challenges of operating e-buses, Transjakarta and its operators need support to fill skill gaps and settle into the system.

ITDP together with TUMI E-bus Mission developed a technical assistance plan to support the pilot e-bus monitoring and evaluation in Jakarta. The team has set up an evaluation methodology consisting of four areas: vehicle performance, operating performance, environmental performance, and social and gender performance. Using the data provided, the team analyzed the vehicle performance on different days, months, and routes. Although results showed superior vehicle performance despite a few variations in different conditions, e-buses are running 19.5 kilometers invalid operating distance from terminus to depot. The team also conducted Training Needs Assessment with stakeholders involved in the electrification process. The survey outcomes revealed the urgent priority to upskill e-bus monitoring and Intelligent Transport Management Systems, along with limited technical and financial support from Transjakarta and government officials.


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