Webinar description  The “Access for All: Access and Gender” paper, co-authored by ITDP and WEDO, distills how transportation systems have failed to account for diverse mobility patterns and needs, and provides key recommendations to promote gender-responsive actions. During this webinar, we will discuss how transit-oriented development (TOD) provides integrated urban places that bring together people,…

About the Webinar In Indonesia, a kampung kota (urban village) is a compact, mixed-use neighborhood within the larger city. These neighborhoods, made up of everyday working people, are often overrun by motorcyclists as a shortcut to reach their destinations, disrupting sidewalks and the local environment. If designed properly, however, motorcyclists’ paths could become the backbone…

  STAWARD.ORG ITDP bersama dengan komite internasional yang terdiri dari para ahli transportasi dunia mengundang Anda untuk menominasikan kota Anda untuk mengikuti Annual Sustainable Transport Award.

Wired – How the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting up our cities in real-time.

Citylab.com Nature is poised to reconquer Madrid. Faced with rising

Transit – Oriented Development (TOD) adalah penggabungan area residensi dan komersial dalam satu area yang didesain untuk memaksimalkan akses ke transportasi publik.

Next week at the World Urban Forum (WUF) in Medellin, Colombia, ITDP will release Transit-oriented Development (TOD) scores for 50 urban developments from around the world. The scores will highlight best practices in global TOD. Using the metrics from the TOD Standard, ITDP evaluated development projects on six continents to see how they incorporated the eight principles of high quality…

The 8 Principles for better streets and better cities highlight the key aspects of transport-oriented development that lead to good growth. For more information about these principles and best practices in TOD, see ITDP’s TOD Standard. Download this infographic

  With the release of the TOD Standard 2.0 in November 2013, ITDP updated the guidelines and metrics for best practices in transport oriented development and kicked off the process of applying the new scorecard to urban development. The TOD Standard is an assessment, recognition and policy tool focused on integrating sustainable transport and land…


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