July 01, 2006

Jakarta Plans Massive Elevated Toll Road Expansion

The projects, which would cost Rp 23 trillion, or Rp 270 billion per kilometer (approximately $18,056,250 per mile), were offered to investors at last year’s Infrastructure Summit in Jakarta.

The projects have received some criticism, however.  “The new inner-city turnpikes will only benefit private car owners,” said Firdaus Cahyadi of the Jakarta Environmental Caucus. According to Cahyadi, the turnpikes would “…jeopardize the administration’s mission to promote public transportation.”

Even as the announcement about the turnpike is made, ridership continues to be strong on the TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that opened in 2004. Four additional corridors are being planned for the system. ITDP was the international advisor on the development of TransJakarta and continues to provide technical assistance for its planning and operation.


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