August 15, 2008

Stand Firm, Mr. Minister

Once again the taxi industry is trying to hold society to ransom, but this time we hope the authorities show some gumption and show these extortionists the door.

Gauteng’s taximen have decided to abandon Joburg’s integrated public transport system. Though they were involved in all the planning for the Rea Vaya bus system, they give the lame excuse that they don’t understand what’s going on.

Seems to us that the real problem lies in their supposed secondary complaint: an integrated transport system providing quick and cheap service to the citizens of the metropolis will hit them in the pocket.


These louts have had years to clean up their act, but have resisted every step of the way. Now that a decent transport system is on the horizon, they pout like spoilt brats and demand Transport Minister Jeff Radebe step into the fray.

We hope he does, but this time we hope he wields a big stick. He let the taximen ride all over him when they pulled the same move and delayed taxi recapitalisation for almost a decade.

Joburg and the rest of South Africa desperately need the integrated transport system we have been promised since the dawn of democracy. Minister, please don’t allow a bunch of hoodlums to hold it to ransom.

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Stand Firm, Mr. Minister


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