September 25, 2008

Half Yearly Progress Report – Jun 2008

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), in coordination with Jakarta Government, completed the third semester (January – June 2008) of the 5-year implementation period for the “Bus Rapid Transit and Pedestrian Improvements Project in Jakarta” (IMIS: GFL/2328 – 2723 – 4960) funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) – United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The project is being implemented to reach the overall objective to maximize the effectiveness of the Jakarta bus rapid transit (BRT) or busway.


Significant accomplishments occurred during this reporting period:

  • The Government of Jakarta instructed to ‘re-sterilize’ the busway corridor, removing the other vehicles which had been allowed in to some busway corridors by police during rush hours in the period of September 2007
  • March 2008. Although sometimes its law enforcement is still weak, busway passengers appreciate the efforts. 
  • Road construction of corridors 8-10 was finished while required infrastructures have been constructed and targeted to be launched later in 2008
  • Articulated buses are being operated in corridor V and visual surveys indicate they are able to carry all passengers who are waiting in the stations and are always near full passenger occupancy.
  • ITDP, in collaboration with its partners conducted a seminar about “Opportunities of Economic Savings through Improvement of Public Transport”. The seminar was followed up by the Ministry of Coordinating for Economic Affairs & Ministry of Finance to push the implementation of ERP.  This is proposed as Fuel Consumption Demand Management in the form of a Transportation Demand Management Article as part of the revision of Government Act (Law) on Local Government Tax & Retribution.  This would provide an umbrella law for ERP.  Recently, the draft of the Law is being discussed in the House of Representatives of Republic Indonesia for the approval.
  • ITDP developed a work program for 2008-2011
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