November 01, 2008

Half Yearly Progress Report – Dec 2007

The “Bus Rapid Transit and Pedestrian Improvements Project in Jakarta” (IMIS: GFL/2328 – 2723 – 4960)which is funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF) – United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)with project period 2007-2011 is being implemented by the Institute for Transportation and DevelopmentPolicy (ITDP) in coordination with Jakarta Government. The project has the overall objective to maximizethe effectiveness of the Jakarta bus rapid transit (BRT), or busway. This report is the second Half-Yearly report of activities, covering the period of July – December 2007.


Significant accomplishments occurred during this reporting period:

  • TransJakarta completed the first competitive bidding for busway bus operator contracts. The fee per km bid price holds a potential 25% cost savings over current levels.
  • Transfer surveys were conducted and routing changes were implemented on 3 corridors to reduce queues at transfer stations.
  • A legal analysis and series of workshops were conducted to evaluate the legal basis of implementing electronic road pricing in Jakarta.

A significant challenge appeared during this reporting period as well:  Jakarta police opened several sections of some of the existing busway corridors to private vehiclesduring rush hours. This has severe impacts on the busway’s performance and costs.

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