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February 24, 2009

Half Yearly Progress Report – Dec 2008

Under GEF Indonesia Project (2007 – 2011), ITDP has implemented Bus Rapid Transit & Pedestrian Improvements Project in Jakarta since 2007. The overall project purpose is to address the local capacity shortcomings in managing the BRT, primarily through extensive assessment, technical assistances and training programs. ITDP implements the project through collaboration with Government of DKI Jakarta under MoU signed in 2006. The overall objective of the project is to maximize the effectiveness of the TransJakarta bus rapid transit (BRT) or busway. This report is for period of July – December 2008. 


Significant accomplishments occurred during this reporting period:

  • Based on ITDP’s recommendations, the Governor committed to improve the institutional status of TransJakarta with final target as a publicly controlled private company (BUMD). The current schedule is for TransJakarta to first become a full BLU by March 2009 which will give it more legal and contracting authority. Getting the management in order and firming the financial basis to become a BUMD could take up to 2 years. ITDP is supporting the development of 4 of the 6 required documents to be a full BLU which are; Minimum Standard Services (MSS), Strategic Business Plan, Good Corporate Governance (GCG), and Management Contract between BLU and DKI Jakarta. Two other required documents; Financial Report (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Capital Statement, etc) and Latest Audit Report are being prepared by BLU Transjakarta.
  • The Governor of DKI Jakarta requested to improve efficiency of ticketing system and accountability of revenue collection of TransJakarta Busway. Approaches have been done to some financial institutions and IT providers. As a first step, BLU Transjakarta has replaced the revenue collectors from BLU staffs to Bank DKI supported by a collector institution (Kejar) and develop on-line monitoring of shelters from TransJakarta main office by using CCTV. Experiences and knowledge sharing with Seoul Transportation System on application of integrated e-ticketing system was conducted. 
  • With ITDP’s support, some legal problems of busway operation have being solved which including; the discrepancy of Rp/km between operator consortium and bidding winner of operator of corridors 4-7; the compliance of direct appointment of TransJakarta bus operator consortium, the completeness and validity of the contracts documents for corridors 1, 2 and 3; and the discrepancies between the trademark and technical specifications for TransJakarta Buses (corridor 5).
  • Ms. Daryati Asrining Rini, the original Head of the Planning and Development section of the Transportation Agency when the busway was first being discussed in 2001-2003, took over as Head of TransJakarta from Mr. Drajat on 10 November 2008.  She wants to rapidly introduce changes to improve the functioning of the agency, increasing the busway’s level of service while reducing the subsidy needed to operate it. ITDP has a long relationship with her.
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