April 27, 2009

Hans Rey’s Wheels4Life Donates California Bikes in Tanzania

We recently delivered a number of bikes, in person, to people living in Tanzania. The delivery was part of our ongoing Wheels 4 Villages project.

The culture here is such that many people within the community are more than happy to share their bikes. This is wonderful to see; when a person is given a bike they automatically treat it as something that others within their circle of immediate neighbors will be able to utilize also.

Health or lack there of is major problem in the area; there are many widows. This is partly due to the lack of a good health service and health education is generally not available. We hope that the bikes given to the medical community will help them spread the word about how to stay safe and healthy.

Another ‘problem’ is that the Moslem faith allows multiple wives. When a man’s first wife gets old, the man often marries a second time to a much younger woman. They then have children with the younger wife and when the men die they leave behind wives and young children for whom life is very tough.

The family network is very tight, the parents keep their children close by, they are all very close. Sadly though, once the girls grow up and marry, it is unlikely that they will ever see their families again since they are supposed to treat their husband’s family as their only family.

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Hans Rey’s Wheels4Life Donates California Bikes in Tanzania


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