September 24, 2009

Half Yearly Progress Report – Jun 2009

The Bus Rapid Transit & Pedestrian Improvements Project in Jakarta funded by GEF – UNEP now is in the middle of its implementation period (commencing in January 2007 and completion in December 2011). The overall objective of this project is to maximize effectiveness of the Jakarta bus rapid transit (BRT) or busway. The project has explicitly supported the development of non-motorized transportation systems and transportation demand management to reduce use of private motor vehicles as complements to BRT development.  These measures together form the tools to achieve a long-term, sustainable shift to less greenhouse gas emitting forms of transportation.ITDP implements the project through collaboration with the Government of DKI Jakarta under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2006. This report is for the period of January – June 2009.

Significant accomplishments occurred during this reporting period:

  • Progress on the development of required documents as prerequisite for improving the general service bureau (BLU) status of Transjakarta from “Staging BLU” to “Full BLU”. Draft final of Minimum Standard Services (MSS) has been completed with stakeholders input led by the Indonesian Consumers Organization (YLKI). Three alternative scenarios for a strategic business plan have been proposed by Ernst & Young consultants after having discussions with the Governor of DKI Jakarta and high-level government officials.  A first concept of Good Corporate Governance had been made. For two other required documents, BLU is tendering the finance consultant/auditor selection for conducting a financial audit for 2008 and completion of the Financial Report.
  • With ITDP support, the head of BLU TransJakarta has addressed some basic legal problems. It is believed that once all legal problems are settled, then the busway operation performance will be easy to improve. In the meanwhile, Transjakarta continues to introduce changes to improve the functioning of the agency, increasing the busway’s level of service while reducing the subsidy needed to operate it.
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