June 14, 2010

Our Cities Ourselves Featured on WNYC

ITDP’s Our Cities Ourselves program was recently featured on WNYC radio. The piece examines architect Michael Sorkin’s proposal for lower Manhattan at the site of the Brooklyn Bridge anchorage.

Our Cities Ourselves opens Thursday, June 24 at AIA Center for Architecture in New York. The exhibition asks architects from ten cities – New York, Rio de Janeiro, Ahmedabad, Budapest, Dar es Salaam, Ghangzhou, Buenos Aires, Jakarta, Johannesburg, and Mexico City, to re-envision how those cities could look in 2030, with design that would drastically discourage private car use. “We simply can’t sustain the sort of automobile-dominated transportation systems that we have today,” says Walter Hook, ITDP’s Executive Director.

Read the full story here: https://culture.wnyc.org/articles/features/2010/jun/12/urban-planning-brooklyn-bridge-michael-sorkin/


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