May 17, 2011

The National Autonomous University of México Celebrates its 100th Birthday With a Bike Rally

170. Foto_Bici_Rally_thumb

This spring ITDP Mexico and UNAM co-sponsored a bike rally that brought together academics and students to celebrate the 100th birthday of this famous Mexican university.


At the rally, the Dean of UNAM, Jose Narro Robles, spoke about his university’s continued commitment to promoting the use of more sustainable and equitable transport systems, and reducing private car use. He also applauded the rally, as an excellent cultural and recreational event for students and expressed gratitude for ITDP’s sponsorship. He reaffirmed the institutional commitment between UNAM and public and private organizations that promote ways of development that preserve and protect the environment.

172. UNAM_Students_Bike_Rally_Scavenger_

The rally also included a race, where teams raced around the campus, collecting puzzle pieces. The winning teams received awards of 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 pesos respectively.


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