October 05, 2011

Mobility, Livability, and Economic Growth: Sustainability Lessons from the Pacific Rim

Join the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative (PCI) at their upcoming conference, taking place in two cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco on October 24th and 26th respectively. As Asian cities increasingly become the testing grounds for innovative transportation technologies, now is the time to facilitate an exchange of ideas between North America and Asia.

Join leading experts from the U.S. and Asia to discuss sustainable transportation ideas, policies, and technologies from California’s largest metropolises to the other side of the Pacific. The San Francisco conference will focus on the importance of transit on urban livability and its impact on cities’ economic competitiveness as well as on innovative sustainable transportation technologies and systems in North America and Asia. The Los Angeles conference will explore how sustainable mobility can help LA recreate itself as a vibrant green metropolis and focus on best practices, cultural differences, and how North America and Asia can work together to solve collective problems.

PCSI aims to educate municipal decision makers as well as the general public around the Pacific Rim by fostering on-going dialogue and sharing best practices on urban sustainability. As an objective clearing-house on urban sustainability, PCSI will support municipal projects, public-private partnerships, and outreach initiatives to connect cities throughout the Pacific Rim.


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