April 18, 2012

ITDP Brings Intermodal Station Planning to Rio

Urban Renovation and Intermodal Stations were the themes covered by ITDP consultant and architect Oren Tatcher, who was in Rio during the week of April 9th for meetings with the Municipal Secretary of Transport. Oren came to Rio to develop proposals for intermodal stations for the city in the first of a series of visits coordinated by ITDP Brazil.

According to the Municipal Sub-secretary of Transport for Rio, Carlos Maiolino, the City is investing in the construction of four BRT corridors, “not only to address the increase in passenger demand during the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, but primarily to leave a consistent legacy in the area of urban mobility for the population.” Maiolino emphasized that “safe, comfortable intermodal stations that are integrated with other means of transportation are fundamental for the success and operation of the BRT system.”

The visit by architect Oren Tatcher further strengthens the partnership between ITDP and the City of Rio. “ITDP is without doubt a major ally in the implementation of solutions that ensure that transport and urban mobility are orientated towards quality of life for our residents and the sustainable development of our city,” explains Maiolino.

Oren Tatcher has previously spent time in Rio with the Secretary of Municipal Transport’s technical team, developing proposals for the integration of the BRT-Metro station Jardim Oceânico. “The learning experience for our team has decisively influenced our treatment of other BRT stations currently in the planning process,” said Said Sub-secretary Maiolino.


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