May 30, 2013

ITDP Assists Jakarta on Parking Reform

 Pasar Baru Area Parking Condition Entrance gate to Pasar Baru filled with motorcyle parking


The increasing use of private vehicles provide problems of pollution, traffic congestions and road safety to the city. This problem can only be solved by improving the quality of sustainable modes of transport. More and more cities around the world found that the effective management of parking will promote sustainable transport. Parking management can help to encourage the efficient use of road space and facilitate the shift towards walking, cycling, and public transport. In addition to facilitating the efficient traffic, parking management will help ensure the city creating new land for investment especially for mass transit systems such as bus rapid transit, paratransit and improved facilities.

One of the Jakarta government efforts in promoting sustainable transport is by improving parking in Jakarta. Jakarta Provincial Government asked ITDP to conduct a study toimplement parking meter system in Jakarta. Some output that will be generated are parking zoning , business models and operations, as well as an input for parking rate in Jakarta.

ITDP so far has made several parking management programs in several cities. One of the cities ITDP assisted is Budapest where it is the first city to implement the ‘phone parking’ where the parking ticket payment system can be easily done over the phone.

In Jakarta case, ITDP recommends Jakarta Government to establish parking operators who will be supervised by the Jakarta Transportation Agency and to implement parking meter system which will encourage users to use shorter duration parking. As a pilot project, ITDP along with Parking Unit (UPT Parkir) will implement the new system in a shopping area of ​​Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, along its expansion plan to the whole districts of Jakarta.  

Jakarta Parking Situation 


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