December 31, 2013

2013 at ITDP: Exciting Projects and Tools for Success

Year In Review
Left: Mexico City’s Line 5 BRT. Center: Redesigned intersection in Buenos Aires. Right: Ecobici, in Mexico City, is highlighted in the Bike-Share Planning Guide.

The past year has seen sustainable transport flourish, with programs like New York Citibike receiving widespread attention. ITDP has worked with dozens of cities around the world to take steps toward building a better environment for their citizens, and millions of residents are feeling the benefits. From public transportation projects to large-scale non-motorized transit programs to important outreach and awareness events, 2013 was a landmark year for ITDP and our partner cities.

In 2013, ITDP played a pivotal role in implementing major transportation projects around the world. Check out some of this year’s biggest successes:


Beyond buses, ITDP has worked to make streets and cities more accessible for non-motorized transportation. Along with a wave of exciting advances around the world, ITDP is proud to have assisted in projects such as

A core part of ITDP’s mission is to build and share expertise in sustainable transit. In 2013, ITDP published a number of Standards and Guides that serve as important resources for public officials, planners, and the public.

Thank you to all our partners and supporters who have made 2013 such a success. We look forward to a great 2014!


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