August 10, 2015

Show Your Support in August

Summer 2015 blog photo

Let’s empower women with transport choices become a member or give to ITDP in August during our annual summer fundraising campaign.

Nidhi Sharma is a twenty year old college student in Ranchi, India. Her freedom is limited by the fact that she has to be home before 7:30pm, when the city transport services shut down. Though owning a bike or motorbike could give her more mobility, she avoids the risk involved in driving on unsafe roads at night and would prefer the run down, semi-formal auto service that over 90% of women view as unsafe.

Every day, in cities around the world, when a woman leaves her house the travel options available to her are limited. Women frequently have less access to vehicles and are unable to take public transport. For many women juggling multiple roles, the only flexible transportation within their power is walking, often for long distances. But by owning a bicycle, a woman has the power to reach more markets, jobs, and education efficiently and in less time.

81c23e63-dc35-4471-b096-0cdb4bbedc08More transport choices empower women – from taking door-to-door rickshaws when traveling with kids and groceries to taking affordable and safe transit to reach jobs to having well-lit walkways to school.

With your help, we can build on the successes of programs like Mexico City’s bike share, whose subscribers are over 30% women. Ecobici has increased women’s use of bicycles in Mexico City from 10% to 38%, proving that there is an appetite for transport options for women in cities around the world.

Providing transport options gives women power and choice. Donate to ITDP during our summer campaign and help support safe walking and cycling environments and public transit.


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