Micromobility — a Macro-Solution. E-bikes, e-scooters, and other person-sized shared micromobility can help cities reduce emissions, improve access to transit, better use precious public space, and clean up urban air quality. This Climate Week event will discuss how cities can maximize these benefits–changing the playing field and reducing barriers to access low carbon-intensive transport modes….


ITDP Indonesia bekerjasama dengan @america menyelenggarakan peluncuran policy brief terbaru ITDP “Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities” versi bahasa Indonesia. Dalam kesempatan ini, ITDP mengundang pembicara yang mempunyai pengalaman baik dalam perencanaan maupun dalam bisnis sistem bikeshare di perkotaan di antaranya; Iwan Suryaputra, operator bikeshare bernama GOWES; Imam Wiratmadja, Product Lead Banopolis (Boseh Bandung & Spekun…


March in Buenos Aires marks the roll out of the city’s newest bike share program. Building off a small, manual system from 2010, the new Ecobici features an expanded coverage area, 24-hour service, and 200 new automated stations. Ecobici users are expected to take nearly 36,000 daily trips and over a million trips a year….


Late last month, Lanzhou joined the ever-growing bike-share boom as it launched China’s latest public bike system. Exceeding expectations, the first phase of Lanzhou’s bike-share brings 111 stations, 2,795 docks and 2,000 bikes to the city’s downtown Chenguan District. A modern, high-tech system, all stations are equipped with automatic docks and the system shares an access card…


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