Deliani Poetriayu Siregar

Urban Planning, Gender and Social Inclusion Associate

Deliani Poetriayu Siregar or Anggi joined ITDP in 2015 after her graduation from Urban and Regional Planning of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). In her final year, she worked on Transit-oriented Development planning in Central Jakarta. Throughout the working experiences in ITDP she developed her expertise in Non-motorized transport especially walking and inclusivity issues. In 2019, she took one year left to pursue her master’s degree in Urban Design and City Planning from UCL. Taking a focus on women and children’s mobility as her main projects during the study period, she aims to elaborate the issues toward the ITDP’s works.

Joining back ITDP in 2021, Anggi is responsible for the project coordination and field supervision of non-motorized transportation (NMT), especially walking and bigger issues on inclusivity. As a pedestrian, she has an interest in exploring cities by walking and it may be an advantage to support her role in ITDP. In her spare time, Anggi enjoys exploring foods a lot. She tries the food and tells the stories about it. She is also a children’s book writer. 


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